Sarasota Bay

Sarasota bay is truly a pleasure to guide in and is a great bay to fish. It is surrounded by four major islands. The Southern tip of Anna Maria Island at the Northern most part of the bay, Longboat Key which is the longest and is about 8 and 3/4 miles long. Running North and South and borders the west side of the Bay. Lido Key borders a small part of the bay in the South, But is one of only two ways to get on Longboat key. Siesta Key Borders the southern most tip of Sarasota bay. The bay has 5 routes for water to enter and exit. the Anna Maria Sound to the north, Longboat Pass which is between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. New Pass which is at the North end of Lido Key, Big Sarasota Pass which is at the South end of the 2 1/4 mile long Lido Key. Then the intercostals which is at the south end of Sarasota Bay. Many smaller in bay Islands, mainly on the west side of the bay. Supply nesting and protection for the variety of sea birds that make this bay home. These Islands are covered in Mangroves and have a good supply of oyster beds surrounding them. The bay has a depth of 7' to 12' towards the middle. With shallow bars protruding several hundred yards out into the bay.


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